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What are the standard 
hook and loop sizes
The standard sizes are 
16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50, 100, 150 mm. 
Certain products are also available in customized sizes (for large application). In addition, tapes can be slit to specific widths.
What colors are available ? 
There are 25 standard colors web color samples are a not an exact match, please contact FASTECH for a Color Chart.
What is your minimum order quantity ? 
The minimum order quantity (M.O.Q.) depends on many parameters: the product itself, the width, the color and the backing. To know the M.O.Q. of a specific product , pleases contact us.       
Can we get certifications ?
Yes, FASTECH certifies its products to many different specifications. Please contact us to learn more.       
Can you cut the tapes to lengths ?
Yes, all narrow tapes can be cut to length. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives tapes can be kiss-cut to length: the hook or loop tapes are cut and left on the roll.       
Do I have to use the same amount of 
hook and loop ?
No. The amount of hook used will determines the strength of the closure. The loop area is used for the adjustability. In most cases, it is better to have more loop area than hook.       
How do you pack your products? 
Our standard put up are 25 m rolls in boxes up to 1200 m per box. Certain tapes are also available in 50 m rolls (or dispenser box).       
Does FASTECH coat its tapes?
Yes, FASTECH offers a full range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Heat / Solvent Activated adhesive and heat activated adhesives are also available.       
How can I attach the hook and loop?
Most FASTECH products can be attached by sewing, gluing, heat sealing, welding or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.       
Do you make straps? 
FASTECH converting department can produce all different types of straps by using precision cutting machines and Ultrasonic welding equipment.       
How strong is your Hook & Loop?
The strength depends on the hook and loop combination , the peel strength ranges and the shear strength are given on our web site please click specifications.       
Can I use hook & loop outdoors?
Outdoor environment (Ultra-violet, rain…) affects the performance of the nylon tapes. It is recommended to use a polyester tape.       
Are your products manufactured in 
the Europe ?
Most of our products are manufactured in Europe.       
What is your lead time?
It depends on the type of product. Stocked items can be shipped within 24 hours. Non-stock products lead time varies from 2 to 6 weeks.       
What other products do you make?
We have "A wide variety of fasteners" for a wide range of customers.       

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